Investor Relations

FR Community has made a strong commitment to acquire additional investment-grade manufactured housing communities, and is particularly well positioned to do so. We are viewed by many in the industry as the seller’s buyer of choice. Our portfolio has established a strong awareness of FR Community as a premier brand. And, we have a reputation for closing the deal. We have access to capital at highly competitive rates, and we have the financial sophistication and a willingness to structure a transaction to address a seller’s unique needs.

Quick Closings

FR Community is structured to be decisive and to make commitments quickly. Committed to identifying and addressing each seller’s unique needs, FR Community can move quickly, having the flexibility and knowledge to structure transactions in a variety of ways.

Please take a moment to review the following acquisition guidelines. We look forward to establishing a lasting relationship with you as a seller. We are confident that we can structure a transaction that meets your own individual needs.

Ideal Acquisition Criteria:

Property Size 150-500 Sites; ideally 250 Sites.
Occupancy 60-80% occupancy.
Geographies Nationwide
Site Rents $200 – $500
Property Location Inside quality school district; accessible to city
Utilities Strongly prefer public water and sewer 100-200 amp electric
Amenities Large lots, playgrounds and small community center are desirable
Physical Condition of Property Will consider significant capital investment if the property is well located

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