About FR Community

FR Community started a little over 10 years ago with Bayview, our first community, in beautiful Syracuse, Indiana. Our goal was build great communities by providing clean, well maintained homes with a customer focused staff to assist those who need to find affordable housing.

We have focused on purchasing communities that needed a little extra love and put in the hard work of bringing these communities up to FR standards. We want people to be proud of where they live and our team is hyper-focused on connecting with each and every resident – it’s what we do best! Throughout the years we have focused on events and volunteering that give back to the community and we’re most proud of our volunteer projects that our teams participate in.  A great example would be our  back to school events that are focused on purchasing school supplies for our resident’s children and donating remaining items to the local schools.  We also take summers very seriously in our communities, frequently hosting barbecues for our residents and generally having a great time – all focused on continually answering the question of “what makes a great community?”

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