At FR Community, we believe that the core of a heart-powered community is compassion and empathy.  We want all our residents to be proud of their community and their home.  We have multiple programs and events that help assist our residents in need.  We can provide to you as much information as we can about resources, relief programs, and aid, but also to listen.



Located at every FR Community is a blessing box. The blessing box is a micro food pantry. This is a neighborhood effort of neighbors helping neighbors with food and other non-perishables items. The company will donate to the blessing box monthly and we encourage residents to contribute.  Please offer a variety of foods.  Nonperishable items are the most popular, however toiletries can be just as helpful.





Community Neighbors is a volunteer day in each of our communities to assist residents unable to complete routine exterior home projects.  The Community Neighbors program brings volunteers together to clean, repair, and beautify our resident’s home exterior and yard.  Please fill out the form below or call the community office if you would like to be considered for the Community Neighbors program.  We are limited to the number of residents we can assist each year.  Call us if you would like to volunteer!

Community Neighbors Program Form

Please fill out the below form to be considered for the FR Community Neighbors Program.


This program provides a low cost weekly mowing services to residents that meet specific criteria.  To apply please pick up an application at the office or fill out the form below. All rates are available at the office.  Rates may vary slightly dependent on yard size.

FR Yard Program Form

Please complete the form below to sign-up for our yard program.

    Please contact community manager for pricing

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